CALMATE (Take It Easy) feat. Puertored & PointLess Effortz

(...released September 1, 2023)

Calmate (take It Easy) is a New Sauce Music track that is getting a single release because the Universe said it was about the right time to me.

A very funky & upbeat and zany type of instrumental that Puertored & PointLess Effortz, BOTH who featured on the original New Sauce album, are barring it out heavy.

It's a lotta fun and venting at the same time, you know like at a good party.

Let Loose, Wild Out and Feel Better after.

Positive ZAPS and All the Sofrito Yo⚡🙏

Rusty Joints on Beats

Puertored on Bars

& PointLess Effortz also on the Bars.

Hip Hop, Salsa, NYC, New Sauce Music.

released September 1, 2023

Extra Extra, feat. Puertored, Buho and D4RKSID3

(...released August 13, 2020)

Extra Extra is the 2nd single from the next NEW SAUCE 2 album that is in the works.

We are getting closer, and thanks for your patience🙏🙏

This track features 3 DOPE EmCees on it.

We got Puertored and D4RKSID3 reppin QU you are familiar with them already if you been rockin with me.

And we also got a feature from BUHO representing Chile!!

Everybody killed their part. It's a dope merging of 3 styles.

The track is Def a vibe is I say so myself.

New Sauce Music IS the Style.

Salsa and Hip Hop mash up, but prob not the way you'd imagine.

So if you haven't heard it, dig in to this meal we cooked up.


released August 13, 2020

The Flow, Flow, feat. Puertored

(...released August 6, 2019)

Early release of a track from the upcoming sequel to the New Sauce album of 2014:

New Sauce: Algo Riddim (New Sauce 2)

Which Is In The Works Now.

This is The Flow, Flow

Rusty Joints on the beat, Puertored on the Bars.

Hip Hop, Salsa, NYC, New Sauce Music.

Positive ZAP⚡

NEW SAUCE (album)

(...released July 29, 2014)

Hip Hop and Salsa and NYC just had a baby.
This is the New Sauce album.

It is also the introduction of New Sauce as an original style of music.
There may be parallels to other music, but I'm pretty sure you haven't heard something quite like this.
For the most part this is really an English language album.

Check Puertored for instance. He's a Puerto Rican, born and raised in NYC, who is not Spanish speaking. In his household it was English.
I wanna talk about the origins a bit because this thing is really a long time coming.
This idea occurred when I was visiting Puerto Rico in 2000. I had a cassette player, but didn't bring that much music with me. I walked to the local music store and ended up buying like 5 Hector Lavoe/ Willie Colon albums cuz I've always been a big fan.
So I had my Salsa tapes and a handful of Hip Hop tapes. As I'm sitting in a hamoc at my Amazing Titi Sile's house, I thought of what now has become New Sauce.
I pictured Hip Hop and Salsa combined. Raw, ill, New York Hip Hop... And that raw, ill, old school Salsa. I figured it gotta have the Salsa rhythm cuz I wanted people to be able to dance to it. And I pictured kicking it off in English. I really saw it as an idea that came about as a result of growing up in NYC.
Some years later talking with JayMas he was telling me about his music ideas for Hip Hop and Salsa and Latin styles, that was aligned with this new style I had in mind. And through talks over the years we defined it better.
I struggled with a name for it for a long time. Then one day I found a title I liked: New Sauce. A nod to Salsa, but written in English.
It wasn't till about maybe the end of 2012 that I did the recording with Puertored, for Bodega Down The Block. The Moon was cheese grilling us that night because that's when it came together. That was the first real New Sauce joint. On that joint is where the production rule book for the style was written. And we wrote down those necessary ingredients.
Another great night for developing the style,was the night we recorded Puertored and JayMas for "La Vida Es Buena" another star aligned type of night.
So throughout parts of '13 we compiled more songs. And we knew it had to be finalized, NOW, for a 2014 release.

I know it's a great idea, but I also know that it's just the luck of the draw. So we had to get this thing out before someone else does.
I think 14 years has been long enough.
Much Love

Positive ZAP⚡

-Rusty Joints

Shout out to The artists involved:



Uncle Shine

Q Lagic

Point[less] Effortz

The Village Mathematician

I’m grateful to have your help.

This is our project.


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