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⚡The 2nd playlist is of Tracklib sampled beats + Full Playlist of ALL Beats in the 3rd playlist at the Bottom of Page.

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Below are 2 playlists for different purposes...

💥Tracklib Options (for Exclusive Sale Only)

This playlist is all Tracklib sampled options. These are for Exclusive Sale Only.

The samples in these beats can be easily cleared through Tracklib for an affordable fee to them so the original rights holders of the sample get paid.

They now offer unlimited sample clearances for those on Active Subscription. Which Means you can sign up for 1 month with them at about $15 to clear any samples in beats you've picked up from me.

Unlimited Clearances.

You could pick up a whole album of beats from me and clear them ALL for that $15 fee. Then you can cancel the sub with Tracklib when you are done.

For that reason I only offer these as exclusive sales At The Moment, to make the process simple.

DEFinite hot stuff in This playlist.

Want something in this Tracklib playlist??? Simple💥Get At Me and Make An Offer For An Exclusive Buy → RustyJoints@Gmail.Com

OR hit the contact page and fill out the form.

Talk to me. I can be reasonable and Negotiate with the prices and/or bulk deals.

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💥All Other Available Beats

This playlist is all Available beats that are NOT Tracklib sampled. These can be requested as an exclusive sale OR requested to be added to the lease/license shop above for licensing.

...Mad Dope Stuff in here as well.

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